Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To Do List

James Mezervey Glover 

1.     Marriage record for James Glover and Hattie Foster Rochester, NY – earliest date for city records was 1876. They were probably married in 1875, as Frank was born in March 1876.  Hatti L. Foster appears as single person on 1875 New York State census enumerated 14 June 1875, exactly 9 months prior to Frank’s birth.  It is unlikely that the marriage record exists but a search should be done.  Marriage records starting in 1876 are located at the City of Rochester city clerk, City of Rochester Municipal Archives http://www.cityofrochester.gov/marriagerecords/ or call for appointment or order by mail.

2.     Probate for James Mezervey Glover Sr.,  died 1930 Seattle, King Co., Washington
a.      Probate Indexes 1853-1977 and Cause files 1853-1971 at Washington State Archives http://www.sos.wa.gov/archives/archives_puget.aspx#genealogical 
3.     Check Rochester City Directories for 1878-1880 to see if James or Charles Glover were living near to John S. Stott (Police/Detective/NYCRR), father of Jennie Stott.  Monroe County Library online.
4.     Newspaper accounts of James Glover in all places he was known to have lived
a.      Rochester Newspaper Index 1818 – 1850 and 1851 – 1897 http://www3.libraryweb.org/lh.aspx?id=963  can be ordered online or searched in person at the Monroe County Library
b.     Genealogy Bank http://www.genealogybank.com
c.      Old Fulton NY Post Cards (newspapers)  review Wiki first https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Old_Fulton_NY_Post_Cards
5.     Tax records for Charles Glover in all places he was known to have lived.
a.      “Assessment Lists of the Federal Bureau of Internal Revenue, 1862-1918” Ancestry.com http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=1264
6.     Land records for Charles Glover in all places he was known to have lived.
7.     City Directories for James Glover in Ohio – possibly Springfield or other Clark Co., town.  http://search.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=4856 
8.     City Directories for James Glover in Washington
a.      Ancestry.com – Seattle City Directories  
9.     City Directories for James Glover in Indiana
a.      Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana city directories 1883-1891 only online at: https://sites.google.com/site/onlinedirectorysite/Home/usa/in/wayne
10.  Basic background research for each of James’ and Jennie’s 5 children: vital, censuses, obituaries, land, tax, military records.
a.      Census records – Ancestry.com
b.     Vital records
                                                     i.     Ancestry.com http://search.ancestry.com/Places/US/Washington/Default.aspx?category=34&cj=1&netid=cj&o_xid=0001029688&o_lid=0001029688&o_sch=Affiliate+External
                                                   ii.     State vital records repositories http://www.myvitalrec.com/washington/154-washington-vital-records.html 
                                                 iii.     Washington Death Certificates 1907-1960 https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1454923
c.      Obituaries – Newspapers: GenealogyBank.com, Chronicling America,
                                                     i.     Washington Obituary Research Options http://www.sos.wa.gov/library/ObituaryResources.aspx#Research
                                                   ii.     Washington State Obituary Index http://www.sos.wa.gov/library/ObituaryResources.aspx#obituaries 
                                                 iii.     King Co., Obituaries USGenWeb http://www.sos.wa.gov/library/ObituaryResources.aspx#Research
d.     Military Records
                                                     i.     Fold3
                                                   ii.     Ancestry.com
11.  Basic background research information for all of Charles Glover’s children by both wives: vital, censuses, obituaries, land, military records.  Includes both US and Ontario, Canadian research.
12.  Baptismal record for Frank John Glover.  James was raised Baptist in Ontario Canada by his grandparents, so Baptist records should be searched.  Also the closest churches to the Rochester residence of Hattie and her mother Mary E. Foster should be searched.  Use Mary E. Foster’s address from 1875-77 addresses, to plot churches using Google Maps.  FamilySearch.org catalog has 59 entries for church records in Rochester.  A list of the most relevant should be made to research during next trip to Salt Lake City.      
13.  Probate for Jennie (Stott) Glover, 28 Feb 1938, King Co. Washington- same as for James above.
14.  Death certificate for Jennie Stott Glover died 28 Feb 1938, Seattle King County, Washington.  State of Washington, Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics, PO Box 47814, Olympia WA 98504-7814 – online form http://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/Pubs/422-044-BirthDeathCertificateMailOrderForm.pdf cost $20.00
15.  Death Record for Charles Glover d. 1 Jul 1901 possibly Erie County New York https://www.health.ny.gov/vital_records/genealogy.htm
16.  Death information and Probate for Cordelia (Little) Glover, Kate or Catherine Glover (second wife of Charles Glover).  Last living in Batavia, Genesee County New York with son Edward C. Glover 1905 but not found on 1910 census. 
17.  Land records James Glover in all places he was known to have lived. All censuses suggest he didn’t own property, but he was a real estate agent so it is worth checking particularly in Seattle, King County, Washington
18.  Trace the 3 children’s lines of James and Jennie Glover to living descendants for DNA testing.  Of the 5 children descendants of 2 John Squire Glover and James Mezervey Glover, Jr. have already taken DNA tests.  The remaining children Jennie E. Glover, Charles John Glover and Helen Cordelia Glover still need to have their descendants traced. 
19.  Trace lines of Cyrus Little and Maria (Sturges) Little to living descendants for DNA testing.  
a.      Benjamin Little
b.     Sarah Little Sturges
c.      James Minerva Little
d.     Cordelia Maria Little Glover
e.      Cynthia Little Kilborn
f.      Hester Little
g.     Julius Little
h.     Augustus Little
20.  Investigate Benjamin Little 1800 and 1810 census Whitehall, Washington County New York. Also John and Justus Little - Possible relations of Cyrus Little.
21.  Collect all signatures for James Glover.  As a real estate agent he would likely have signed many documents in Seattle.
22.  Tax records James Glover in Monroe County New York
23.  Tax records James Glover in  Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana (1900 census renting house)
24.  Tax records James Glover in Clarke County Ohio (children born 1883, 1885, 1889 in Ohio)
25.  Tax records James Glover in  King County, Washington (after 1903)

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